The Sony Walkman is back but only available if you have VERY deep pockets


The original Sony Walkman was released back in 1979 and was an instant hit and went onto become one of the most iconic pieces of tech of the modern era.

More than 385 million were sold making it one of their most successful products ever sold.

Now, 37 years after the original launch, the Sony Walkman is back

Sony says the new device, the WM1Z, has “ultimate sound quality”.

The gold plated Sony Walkman WM1Z can play all modern file formats including those with High Resolution Audio quality.

Thanks to new tech called DSEE HX, the new Walkman also includes a number of different modes that you can select based on the type of music that you are listening to and which is said to improve the overall experience for the listener.

This means that the device can upscale poorer quality files to something close to high resolution quality, which could be useful for all those old MP3s.

The new model will also have Bluetooth meaning that wireless headphones can be used.

Although the device will be competing with smartphones Sony are confident that it will be a success.

The new Walkman is however costly, priced at nearly THB150,000.

However, for this you will get a device that Sony says has been made using the finest materials and which also includes genuine leather ear pads and super lightweight titanium headband.

The Japanese tech giant recently announced it will be launching two new smartphones. These are the Xperia XZ and X compact and will feature superior camera technology as well as being water resistant. 


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