The woman deemed too fat for Facebook


Tess Holliday is most famous for her curves and has thousands of fans but she recently clashed with social media giant Facebook over snaps promoting body positivity.

Facebook has been embarrassingly forced into apologising to Tess for banning a photo of the model which they said showed “undesirable body parts”.

Cherchez la Femme – an Australian feminist group used a picture of the model in a bikini in an advert but was told that the image violated the company’s ad guidelines.

The group was amazed by the decision and chose to quickly appeal it.

Facebook initially defended its decision by claiming that the image did not comply with their health and fitness policy and then went one step further by claiming that the image was “undesirable”.

Tess Holliday

Not surprisingly Tess hit back at these claims and immediately gained support from around the world.

Tess has over million followers on Instagram and it seems that many quickly jumped to her defence.

Ms. Holliday added “I am technically healthy but my body is no more valid than someone’s who isn’t.”

Facebook has since apologised and will no doubt be left red faced by the move that comes in the wake of images a woman breastfeeding was also removed to a similar storm of criticism.


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