The world is going crazy for Pokemon GO – and it will be in Thailand before long – here’s all you need to know


You can forget Candy Crush Saga. Forget Angry Birds, this year’s must play game is Pokemon GO.

Despite only being released last Wednesday and being available in just a few countries, the whole world is talking about it and if you’ve not yet heard of it you soon will.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a mobile game that uses augmented reality to try and capture virtual Pokemon characters that are hidden away in real world locations.

The game is like a real life treasure hunt that has been designed to help get players out of the house and active.

Pokemon GO is played on a smartphone and is available on both iOS and Android. Players scan real life surroundings on their phone in order to try and catch, battle, train and trade Pokemon characters with other players.

The game uses Google Maps technology so that the virtual world of the game is actually played out in real life. For example, you could be playing the game while walking down the street when a Pokemon pops up on screen for you to catch.

This video gives you an idea of how the game looks:

Pokemon GO has already proved insanely popular and within hours of launch in the United States last Wednesday had already crashed servers and caused a 10 percent surge in Nintendo shares.

In fact, Nintendo struggled to keep up with demand and were forced to put back the release of the game in some countries.

Is Pokemon GO available in Thailand?

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has so far only been released in a few countries around the world. It is available on iOS and Android free charge but only users based in the US, Australia and New Zealand can play it as of yet. For all other countries it is listed as ‘coming soon’.

Although some users in Thailand have been able able to download it by changing the region on their respective app stores. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until it is officially released here.

While the game is free to download, users can enhance their experience by making in app purchases.

And despite its popularity elsewhere, it remains to be seen how popular it will actually be in Thailand. Can you imagine chasing round the streets of Bangkok during the hot season trying to catch a virtual Pokemon?

Then again, it could mean that every shopping mall in the country becomes overrun with people playing the game!


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  1. andrewjohnharrison on

    I played the game in the US last few days… I can understand the buzz! It is going to boom here!