The world’s first website went online 25 years ago today


It is 25 years to the day since the world’s first website went online.

Created by British scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the website that went live on August 6 1991 was a basic page of text and hyperlinks.

Berners-Lee used the launch of the website to highlight the potential of the World Wide Web, which he said would become a “powerful global information system” and change how we lived our lives in the twenty first century – how right he was.

At the time, Sir Tim said he had originally wanted to develop the web so that scientists in universities across the world could share information more easily.

World's first website

A screen shot of the world’s first website

While other similar technology was available at the time, such as Gopher and WAIS, the simplicity of the web’s technology and the fact that it was royalty free led to rapid and mass adoption and further development.

Less than 2 years later there were more than 500 web servers and the world’s first web browser, Mosaic was also introduced in 1993.

If you fast forward today there are now estimated to be more than one billion websites online.

You can still browse the world’s first website today by visiting

The contains instructions on how the web works, how to access documents and even how to setup your own server.


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