Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks Apple Watch is art


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is not known for mincing his words. Apparently, “The Woz” as he is affectionately known, wants an Apple Watch, and he believes that millions of other people will too.


The Woz wants an Apple Watch

The forthcoming Apple Watch will be released in April, and the tech press is already salivating over its prospects. Apple stores are even going in for a refit with secure safes to house the gold version, and there are rumours that chief design czar Jony Ive is collaborating with new retail chief Angela Ahrendts over the store redesign to accommodate special ‘VIP areas’ specially for the watch. Retail employees have also been receiving training this month ready for its release.

Steve Wozniak Watch

Steve Wozniak’s vacuum tube watch.

Steve Wozniak is a known long-time Apple fan, but he is also a keen Android user. Last year he described the Samsung Galaxy Gear as “worthless”. Now the Apple Watch release date is nearing, he explained in an interview with the BBC that Apple makes products which are “more fun than anyone else”. He goes on to say that the Apple Watch’s screen is “like a little piece of art”, and that the hip and trendy generation will surely want one.

Woz goes on “everybody who owns Apple products will buy it and that means millions of people will buy this watch right from the start and that helps get a critical mass going”.

Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Even if ten percent of iPhone owners bought one, that’s still tens of millions of devices sold, but unfortunately we probably won’t get a detailed breakdown of launch weekend (or quarterly) sales as Apple has already said it’s lumping Apple Watch sales figures into its ‘other’ category which includes the Apple TV.

So will there be lines of Apple fanatics queueing up outside stores on launch day? And will there be a special event before the Watch’s release? Details of the watch’s actual capabilities have been scarce since the teaser event in September last year, so it remains to be seen what it can actually do, and how good the battery life will be.

But getting any kind of endorsement from Woz is high praise, as he has been known to pan Apple’s decisions and products in the past.


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