There are some major changes coming to Netflix – here’s what you need to know


Netflix has announced a major shake up of its online streaming service.

Earlier this week, the company revealed it will overhaul its on demand video catalogue with ambitious plans to double the amount of original programming, saying that 50 percent of your online library will be soon made up with shows created by Netflix.

Netflix CFO David Wells announced the plans to investors saying “We’ve been on a multiyear transition and evolution toward more of our own content,” Variety reports.

By the end of the year, Netflix is expected to add more than 600 hours of original programming, including some of its newest shows such as Marvel’s Luke Cage and the supernatural thriller Stranger Things, which has already achieved cult status among Netflix subscribers.

The 600 hours of original programming is a big jump from the 250 hours produced in 2015, with Wells stating that Netflix is “one-third to halfway” towards reaching its target of 50 percent.

House of Cards

Wells also said that he doesn’t expect every new series to be as successful as Stranger Things or House of Cards, but did say the company wants to offer the widest variety of television and movie content to its subscribers.

“We don’t necessarily have to have home runs… We can also live with singles, doubles and triples especially commensurate with their cost.”

Netflix also said that it plans to release new movies and television shows more frequently than it does at the moment, with multiple shows and movie titles being released each month.

Netflix has been available in Thailand since January when the company made its service available in more than 190 countries.

Monthly subscriptions start from 280 Baht.


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