There’s a clear winner in the iPhone 7 v Note 7 speed test


The latest flagship devices from Apple and Samsung have been put through their paces in a speed test and there is a very clear winner.

Samsung first announced the Note 7 back in August and it received widespread praise for its design and performance.

However, since then things couldn’t have gone much worse for Samsung, with the Korean tech giant forced to issue a global recall of some 2.5 million Note 7 handsets after more than 30 instances of devices catching fire and exploding due to faulty batteries.

Apple’s iPhone 7 of course was launched earlier this month and includes the Cupertino firm’s new A10 Fusion chip which has been heralded as one of the fastest ever made.

This latest iPhone 7 v Note 7 speed test was carried out by PhoneBuff and the results do not make pleasant viewing for Samsung.

The test sees both devices opening and using a number of power hungry apps in two phases.

At the end of the second phase, the clock is stopped and there is no mistaking which phone is the winner.

The tests showed that the iPhone 7 was able to open and close all the apps in a total time of 1 minute 40 seconds. However, it took the Note 7 twice as long, a whopping 3 minutes and 14 seconds to complete the same tasks.

It seems that if speed is the deciding factor when buying a new smartphone you might want to shell out for the iPhone 7.


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