There’s a little known version of Facebook Messenger you really need to try


You are probably unaware of it, but there is better version of Facebook Messenger available.

Messenger Lite is now available in more countries than ever before (it was launched on Android in Thailand back in March), and it is faster and more efficient.

The Lite version gets rid of many of the extra features of the app that no one really uses such Facebook Stories and GIFs.

This saves space and uses less data meaning that the app is far more responsive than the full-fat version of Messenger.

Of course the Lite version does have some negatives such as some of the more advanced features won’t work.

However, your account still has access to those features, they are just not available in this version of the app.

The Lite version is great for Android users but there still isn’t a version available for iOS.

To access the app, you simply download it in the usual manner from the Google Play Store.

You can have both the Lite and full-sized version of the app on your phone if you wish.

We have identified three main reasons for using this version of the app.

The most obvious is because it requires less data. This makes it cheaper and easier to use in areas where you have a bad connection.

You can’t receive large files such as photos or GIFs so these will not put any undue pressure on your data connection either.

The app can run on almost any device that has internet connection as it was originally designed for the emerging markets.

This means that you don’t need the latest smartphone to access it.

Finally, many of the advanced features that have been added to Messenger in recent years have been stripped away making it a ‘chat only’ app – something that many users want anyway.

The app is in response to Facebook’s decision to remove Messenger from the app version of Facebook – previously a way of using a less complex version of the service.


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