There’s one very clear winner in the Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 vs the rest speed test


2016 has been a tremendous year for flagship smartphones.

Apple launched the iPhone 7 which is now water resistant and packs a seriously capable camera, while rival Samsung launched its award winning Galaxy S7 smartphone.

More recently Google chipped in with its own flagship handset, the Google Pixel, the first device to be entirely designed and built by the search engine giant.

All of the devices boast stunning displays, longer lasting batteries and amazing cameras but which is the best when it comes to sheer power?

To find out popular tech blog TechRadar carried out what has been dubbed as the ultimate smartphone speed test.

The test saw 6 of the leading flagship smartphones pitted against one another.

Taking part in the test was the Google Pixel, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Sony Xperia XZ and HTC 10.

Each of the phones were tasked with opening some seriously heavy duty apps and games – twice.

Here are the results:

As you can see, while on paper it might not boast the same level of specs and processing power as its nearest Android rival, the iPhone 7 absolutely blitzes the other handsets when it comes to speed and performance.

The test further reiterates the efficiency and power of Apple’s software and chipset.

What might be a surprise for some is that the Google Pixel beat the Galaxy S7 to second spot.

Finishing in last place was the Sony XZ, which finished a full two minutes behind the iPhone 7.

Of course, TechRadar’s test does have one major flaw in that no one ever really continually opens and closes apps as shown in the test, therefore it doesn’t exactly give a true reflection of real world performance.

That said, it does prove that specs alone does not tell the full story when it comes to performance.


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