These 6 simple tips will change how you use your iPhone


Some users know and some users don’t, but Apple has designed its iPhone so that simple gestures can offer access to all manner of shortcuts.

Casual users may not know about these as they are often stumbled upon by accident.

Here are 6 gestures that may speed up how you use your iPhone.

See what time a message was sent

If you swipe left on message you will find out more information about when the message was sent. This will give you an idea if it was sent in a drunken moment or if they actually meant it!

Swipe right to go back

If you’re browsing the web using Safari (or a number of other apps) you can swipe right to go back to the page you previously visited. OK it will only save a few milliseconds on pressing the back arrow but it is still time saved.

Open tabs you’ve closed by accident

How often have you closed a tab in error and forgotten what you were looking at? You can get round this problem by pressing the tabs icon in the bottom right hand corner and hold the little plus sign down to reveal tabs that you have recently closed.

Get rid of multiple embarrassing pictures

OK, you manage to take a large selection of truly horrific pictures last night. How do you delete the lot of them without having to go into them individually? All you have to do is click on one of the said images and drag to highlight the other shameful snaps so that you expunge them all simultaneously.

Save your emails to draft

If you draft an email and think that it might be better to check it before sending – always advisable as this could save you from litigation or being arrested, you can save it to draft whilst you are writing by simply swiping down.

Zoom in on video

Have you ever wondered what was happening in the background of that video you filmed last night? You can zoom into your saved video using just two fingers in the same manner you would with a photo and you will instantly get more detail.


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