These handy websites reveal everything your web browser knows about you


The second you log on to the internet you begin handing over a phenomenal amount of personal data.

Everything from your location, whether you are using a computer, tablet or smartphone, what web browser you are using, which websites you visit, to how long you spend on a web page, even which ads you not only click on but which you hover your mouse over.

A new website has been launched that aims to educate users on exactly how much data they are handing over whenever they use the internet.

Webkay gives you a comprehensive list of all the information a web browser stores about you, without needing any additional permissions.

The handy site not only gives you a useful explanation of all the data collected but it also provides tools that can help reduce the amount of data you give away online.

Another website called Click, offers up similar information but in an entirely different style, listing your actions as you move around the web page (make sure you have your speakers turned on).

If you spend long enough on the site it can even guess your age and gender. It also turns the whole process into a game, enabling you to unlock achievements as you go – give it a try.

If you’re not clued up on internet privacy then you could be shocked to discover just how much of your data is available to websites.

If you are familiar with the steps needed to maintain your privacy online then sit back safe in the knowledge that the web doesn’t know that much about you.

[h/t Gizmodo]


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