These tips will help you get a full day out of your laptop battery


Despite a recent report which said some manufacturers are greatly exaggerating estimates on how long a laptop’s battery will last on a single charge, battery life is still one of the main factors most of us consider when buying a new laptop.

When you have work to do, there is nothing worse than feeling you are at the mercy of your laptop’s battery and worrying about when you may next be able to plug in can become a major distraction.

Therefore, it is well in your interest to take proactive steps to ensure you can squeeze every bit of juice possible out of your battery.

This can be done by making a few simple tweaks to system settings and getting into a few good habits to make sure your laptop battery isn’t unnecessary leaking power.

As well as laptops, many of the same principles listed below can be applied to your smartphone or tablet.

1. Adjust screen settings

A bright, high-resolution screen is one of the biggest drains on your battery life. Start by turning the brightness as far down as is comfortable – don’t strain your eyes.

You can make further adjustments by going to System > Display in Windows Settings or Displays in System Preferences on macOS.

2. Review your power options

Power saving settings on Mac OS

Power saving settings on Mac OS

Macs have lots of battery saving features such as screen time outs, putting hard drives to “sleep” and simply going to System Preferences and selecting Energy Saver.

You can also put any USB devices into low power mode which will also help. These won’t make massive differences but it will certainly help.

If you are using Windows there is a special Battery Saver Mode which can be found by clicking on the battery icon.

3. Reduce the drain on your battery

The harder your laptop is working, the quicker the battery drains.

Close down any programs that are running in the background and run as few applications as you can.

Also, don’t have many browser tabs open as these too are a big drain.

4. Windows Flight Mode


Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth and this will help save your battery.

Audio and a wireless mouse are also added drains so do without where you can. Again, these won’t help massively but every little helps!

5. Battery health

Avoid environments that are too hot or too cold as batteries don’t like extremes of temperature.

Demanding applications can cause your battery to heat up so try to avoid where possible. Laptop coolers will also help so investing in one could be worthwhile.

6. Laptop storage

If you aren’t going to be using your laptop for a while try and leave it at 50% battery charge.

Leaving your device charging when fully charged can also permanently damage the battery.


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