This app will send Game of Thrones spoilers to someone you really hate


Do you ever feel really vindictive or feel that you want to get one over on someone? Well now you can! A new app will send Game of Thrones spoilers from an anonymous number to the person you really hate!

It is believed that Game of Thrones spoilers are quickly becoming a crucial weapon when it comes to psychological warfare.

We have read about the teacher who threatened naughty pupils who refused to behave in his class with Game of Thrones spoilers. Then there was the jilted ex who sent Game of Thrones spoilers to her cheating ex-boyfriend.

She sent him a detailed synopsis of the latest episode every Monday morning to gain revenge!

This type of warfare works particularly well in the UK, where the episode is originally broadcast at 2am, a full 19 hours before most people will watch it the same day.

The app is very simple to use, just visit and add in your name, email address, phone number of the person that you wish to send the messages to (your enemy!) and your credit card information.

You can even track you victim’s responses on Twitter as will anonymously send out tweets using the handle

All you have to do is keep an eye out!


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