This Chrome Extension reveals everything that Facebook knows about you


We all know that Facebook knows A LOT about us and a new Chrome Extension reveals just how much.

Most of you will even know that most of the information is stored for targeted marketing purposes.

The algorithms that make this happen are hugely successful but very few people know much about them and they are treated as top secret by Facebook themselves.

For those of you who are interested, they are built from a huge set of inputs.

They study what you watch, what you like, for people liking a particular status and from this, they can decide what music you may like, what films and so on.

Every time you tag something, add something on your profile and change you status, Facebook logs this information and gradually gets to know more about you.

Facebook Chrome extension

You don’t even need to ‘Like’ things on Facebook – ‘Like’ buttons are everywhere!  They are on WhatsApp and Instagram to name just two.

This means that you don’t even need to use the Facebook app for the social media giant to collate more and more information about you.

Some of the data doesn’t even come from you using Facebook at all.

ProPublica claims the tech giant “buys data about its users’ mortgages, car ownership and shopping habits from some of the biggest commercial data brokers”, meaning that even if someone has never used the social network, their details may still be known by Facebook’s algorithms.

It is fair to say that these moves are not always popular and it is for this reason why ProPublic designed the Chrome Extension.

The Extension shows some of the highly specific information that Facebook knows about you such as the size of your house and even what credit cards you have.

This is all generated through a variety of interactions that you or others may have had with the site in one form or another.


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