This gadget wants to help you with your long distance relationship


A new gadget known as Kissenger replicates your partner’s kiss in real time.

All users have to do is kiss their device’s lip-like interface at the same time, and the device will copy the exact pressure and sensation applied by their lover via the use of a range of sensors.

Kissenger has been developed by a partnership between the City University in London and universities in Japan.

At this stage, it is only a research project but it could be on our shelves within two years retailing at around THB14,000 for the pair.

Hardware and mobile developer Emma Yann Zhang, a PhD student at the Imagineering Lab at City University, said: “Kissenger simulates human kissing through stimulation on the lips.

“The device has a lip-like interface made of a soft rubber material, that interacts with the user’s lips and measures the lip pressure of the user using force sensors.

“Underneath the lip interface is an array of actuators that generates real-time force feedback on various points of the partner’s lips to replicate the pressure sensations of kissing.

“This interaction is bi-directional, so you can feel your partner’s lip pressure at the same time.

“The force data is transmitted over the Internet. The device is connected to a mobile phone, so that you can have a video call with your partner while using the device to send a kiss.”


The device can also be used by parents wanting to kiss their children goodnight if they are working away.

Emma explained, “The device is not only targeted for lovers, but also for families and friends. We designed it in such a way that it is not only exclusive to sexual kissing.

“You can also use it to give your children a peck on the cheek, or you could also do a cheek kiss with your friends while saying goodbye.”

H/T: The Times


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