This is bad: 560 million stolen passwords leaked online – update yours NOW


Just as the world is starting to come to terms with the Wanna Cry cyber attack, another major security issue has been revealed that potentially affects more than 200 million users.

Security researchers are urging users to some of the world’s most popular online services to urgently update their passwords.

Researchers from security firm MacKeeper have revealed that a database containing 560 million stolen passwords have been leaked online.

MacKeeper describes the leaked database as “the mother of all leaks”.

The database contains email addresses and passwords from at least 10 popular online services including DropBox, LinkedIn, Adobe, LastFM, Tumblr, Neopets, Tumblr and MySpace and were obtained during security breaches in the recent past.

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The source responsible for leaking the huge trove of passwords is unknown, however, the leak has been confirmed by Troy Hunt from the site “Have I Been Pwned” which helps users find out if their online accounts have been compromised.

The advice to anyone who uses the services mentioned above is to update your password immediately, especially if you haven’t used the account in a while or if you are likely to have used the same password on multiple online accounts.

We’ve written before about how to make your password as secure as possible but simple tips regarding online and password security include the following:

– Never use the same password on more than one online account

– Use a password manager

– Enable two step verification

– Use services like DeSeatMe or JustDeleteMe to shut down your old online accounts

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