This is bad news for anyone who still uses an iPhone 4


If you are still clinging on to an old iPhone 4, what you are about to read is likely to ruin your day.

Apple has announced the iPhone 4 will be officially killed off on October 31.

Along with some other Apple’s products, the once popular handset is set to be added to Apple’s official ‘obsolete’ list.

Apple says a product officially becomes obsolete five years after it was discontinued.

Macotakara, a Japanese based Apple website, first reported the cut off date for the iPhone 4 being the end of this month.

Although the report focuses on the Japanese market, the cut off is expected to applied globally.

As well as the iPhone 4, the 13 inch MacBook Air that was released back in 2010 will also be made obsolete, along with the 2009 Airport Time Capsule.

If you own either the iPhone 4 or the MacBook Air from 2010, then it is almost certainly time to upgrade.

The news comes as Apple has confirmed it will hold an event on October 27 where it is widely expected to unveil a new MacBook Pro laptop.


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