This is big: Facebook trials new feature that will change how you use social media


Facebook is planning some major changes to the information it displays on your profile.

The changes would see Facebook become a hub for all of you social media accounts.

According to new report, the social media giant is trialling a new feature that will allow users to link together all of their social media accounts from the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn.

The feature would allow users to easily switch between their different accounts, while at the same time turning their Facebook account into a one stop hub for all their social media activity.

The new feature was discovered by NextWeb editor Matt Navarra who noticed his profile now linked tabs to his other social media accounts.

The new tabs appear as large buttons which are displayed between Featured Posts and the About menu bar, allowing for your entire online presence to be accessed almost instantly.

It appears currently that the feature is being tested in the Facebook app on iOS, although there is no information yet on when the feature will be officially launched but it is likely to raise yet more concerns about the privacy of Facebook users.

The social media firm, which now has nearly two billion users worldwide, has repeatedly come in for criticism regarding user privacy and intrusive data collection.

The company was also criticised last year when it announced plans to use information it collected from WhatsApp messenger, which Facebook also owns, to influence which ads are displayed in your News Feed.

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Earlier this week, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg released a 6,600 word manifesto on the future of the social network.

In it, Zuckerberg talked about a shift from the social network being used to connect friends and family to “developing the social infrastructure for community”. The discovery of this new feature would certainly support that.

Facebook also recently launched a new feature called Discover People that encourages users to be friends with complete strangers.


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