This new Facebook cloning scam could be the worst one yet


Fraudsters have created a novel new way of stealing your personal information.

The new tactic known as ‘Facebook cloning’, involves scammers making a carbon copy of your profile, complete with your name, profile and cover photos.

The scammers even go as far as to stealing your photos and posting your status updates in a bid to make the fake profile look more convincing.

Once profile has been created, the scammers then send friend requests to your friends and family pretending to be you.

The scammers then start imitating you online and messaging your friends.

Depending on how convincing the messages are, the endgame for the scammers is try an extract enough personal information from your friends that they can either gain access to your online bank account or that they fleece your unfortunate friend out of money.

This new Facebook cloning scam is a step up from the some of the more traditional scams promising fortunes from a Nigerian prince.

While Facebook has reportedly seen a surge in cloning scams, there are fairly straightforward ways to protect yourself.

Facebook profile

How to report a Facebook profile

First and foremost, you should check your Facebook account setting to ensure that none of your profile is public and can only be seen by your Facebook friends.

Secondly, be wary of any random friend requests, especially from people who you thought you were already friends with on Facebook.

If you think your Facebook profile may have already been cloned, you can report it by selecting options next to the Message button and clicking on report.

Via: USA Today


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