This new Gmail update will make your life so much easier


Google are rolling out a new update to Gmail that will make it easier and more convenient when watching video email attachments.

The new update enables videos sent as attachments to be played directly from your browser. This means that there will no need to download the attachments saving you space on your hard drive.

Google has said that the new feature uses the same technology as YouTube and other streaming apps meaning that videos are in high quality and delivered quickly.

This latest update will appear the next time you upgrade your version of Gmail.

The news follows on from the news that Gmail will now be able to send and receive attachments up to 50MB.

This means you can send more photos and files although individual files are limited to 25MB.

Users needing to send larger files will need to use Google Drive which allows subscribers to send files up to 5TB in size.

Gmail is the most widely-used provider across the globe, with more than one billion users worldwide.

Gmail was the first app to be available to download from the Google Play Store that achieved more than one billion downloads on Android devices and this was way back in May 2014.


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