This new Google Maps feature is going to make parking a whole lot easier


An incredibly useful new feature is about to be introduced to Google Maps, if its latest beta version is anything to go by.

The world’s most popular map app is set to include alerts that inform you if there are any potential parking shortages at your chosen destination.

As well as being able to predict your travel time, Google Maps will also be able to predict the amount of time you will need to spend searching for a parking space.

Google will be able to predict the parking status of a particular destination by estimating the total number of spaces against the total number of vehicles in the area, while also looking at other important factors such as the time of day or if any major events like a music concert or football match are being held nearby.

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The information should then be enough to give users who don’t have knowledge of the local area a rough idea of the parking situation at a particular destination.

The new parking feature is available in the 9.34 beta version for Android and iOS, which also sees Google add a handy new “always point north” option that keeps the map locked in place and prevents it from turning or moving as you travel.

Google has also fixed an issue that meant users could accidentally change the position of the map with a single clumsy swipe of the screen.

While the new features in the 9.34 beta are likely to be welcomed by users, Google is yet to officially confirm if they will make it into the next Google Maps update.

However, the fact they appear in the beta version is perhaps the best hint yet of what to expect in the new update.

Google Maps multiple stops

Image: Google Maps recently introduced multiple stops for users on iOS.

Google recently updated Maps on iOS introducing what was perhaps one of the most called for features.

In Google Maps version 4.21.0, iOS users can now add multiple stops during their trip.

The feature has been available on the desktop version and Android for some time, but the recent update was the first time multiple stops has been available for people with an iPhone.


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