This new tool from Microsoft is a major bonus for all Windows users


Microsoft has rolled out a really useful new feature that help users quickly decipher those baffling Windows error messages.

You will have seen an error message if your PC has crashed unexpectedly.

The messages usually contain a mixture of letters and numbers followed by instructions on how to terminate the current application and restart your device.

Blue screen of death at Asoke intersection

Blue screen of death at Asoke intersection, Bangkok

For most of us, the error codes are pretty meaningless, often requiring a Google search to try and shed more light on the cause of the error.

However, a new online tool from Microsoft makes it easier than ever for us to try and determine what is wrong with our PC or laptop.

The new online library, called Fix Windows Update Errors is available on the Microsoft’s official support site and gives users a “guided walk-through” of the steps that need to be taken when you are presented with a Windows error message.

During the process, users are asked to complete a number of questions on what version of Windows they are using.

As well as Windows 10, the online library also covers Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, meaning that nearly all Windows users should be able to benefit from the new feature.

Once the error has been determined, users are then offered a number of different options that could help to try and fix any issues with their device. Options offered include downloading the most recent software updates, checking for corrupt or missing files, updating security settings or other issues.

The new tool comes as Microsoft revealed that nearly all PCs running Windows 10 are also running antivirus software, thanks to the Windows Defender app which is built into Windows 10 and which is turned on by default.


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