This new Xiaomi laptop costs half the price of a Mac and has much better specs


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has entered the laptop market and launched a Windows 10 notebook to rival Apple’s famous Macbook Air – but it’s available at just a fraction of the cost.

At just US$750 (THB26,000), the Mi Notebook Air is 13.3in and has some superb specifications.

It is powered by a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6200U which is capable of being increased up to 2.7GHz when used in ‘Turbo’ mode.

Packing in 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 250GB PCle SSD, the Mi Notebook Air has similar if not slightly better specifications to the Apple version with a name that is also extremely similar.

The Xiaomi has a Nvidia Geforce 940MX graphics card and is just 14.8 mm thick and weighs in at an incredibly light 1.28kg.

Mi Notebook Air


The battery if is 9.5 hours compared with the Macbook’s 12 hours although this is the only area of note that the Apple version wins.

The Xiaomi laptop is only presently has a release date available in China although you could import one if you were that desperate but this might lead to price comparison being far less attractive.

If or indeed when it is released on the world markets including Thailand, you will get to see the aluminium body decorated in a choice of gold or silver and the keyboard also includes a backlight.

The Mi Notebook will start to be shipped in China from 2 August and we will inform you of a release date in Thailand if and when we are made privy to the information.


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  1. unblocktheplanet on

    What many don’t get is that it’s not the appearance or quality of the hardware that makes a Mac. It’s what’s under the hood–Linux-based MacOS–and its integrated software. No comparison so far.