This simple hack will ensure you don’t miss any important news is your Facebook news feed


Facebook has recently announced that it is making more changes to your news feed.

The result is that you will start to see more of your friend’s selfies, food photos and baby pics and less news or other content that you may find interesting.

A change in its algorithm means that from now on, Facebook will start to favour posts from your friends and acquaintances over content from your favourite news sites, which may mean you will see less breaking news or other informative content that you have come to depend on.

According to a recent survey carried out by the company, Facebook users said they would prefer to see more posts from their friends and less from media companies.

However, there is there is a simple trick which means you can personalise your Facebook news feed so that you still see the important news content from the sites you visit most, as well as the posts from your friends and family.

Tweaking these settings is very straightforward and can be done on the desktop site or from either the Android or iOS app.

To make sure you still see the important breaking news stories and visa information from Thaivisa in your Facebook news feed, there is one simple tweak you need to make.

For desktop users:

  1. Login into your Facebook account
  2. Head over to the Thaivisa Facebook page
  3. Hover over the button that says ‘Liked’
  4. Select the option ‘See it First’
Facebook News Feed

Select ‘See First’ to ensure you see the most important news stories from

For users of Facebook mobile app:

  1. Login into your Facebook account
  2. Head over to the Thaivisa Facebook page
  3. Tap on the ‘Liked’ button
  4. Select the option ‘See it First’
  5. Click on the pencil icon for further customization

Facebook newsfeed mobile

This tweak will work for any of the Facebook pages you follow.

The social media giant is has been regularly updating its news feed formula in order to try and keep its 1.5 billion users more interested and engaged.

Earlier this year a report found that there had been a large decline in the number of original posts being shared by Facebook users.

Facebook's See First Setting explained

Facebook’s See First Setting explained


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