This simple trick lets you instantly free up storage space on your iPhone


This may seem hard to believe but if you have run out of storage space on your iPhone, rather than deleting some stuff, the best way to free up space is to download even more apps.

No, we didn’t believe it either but it actually works.

A new trick that is being shared online is helping people to get some extra storage space on their iPhone.

The trick works by fooling the iPhone into thinking it needs to free up some storage space.

To make the trick work for you, all you need to do is download a large app that uses up more space than you have left on your iPhone. As soon as you download the app, your iPhone will automatically start freeing up some much needed storage space.

You can then head over to Storage Options to see the storage space get freed up in real time.

The amount of storage space available on your iPhone will gradually increase as the size of each app decreases.

The downloaded app can be deleted as soon as your iPhone has freed up the storage space.

Your iPhone frees up the space by automatically deleting photos that are already backed up, as well as trimming some of the data used on other apps in order for the additional storage space to be added.

The trick, which was first reported by Lifehacker, noted that some apps can take up as much as 1GB of storage space, which is a lot, especially if you only have a 16GB iPhone.

The new trick is actually an update to a similar method that has previously been used by iPhone owners who tricked the device into thinking they wanted to download a large movie.

The same principal applied – with the phone trimming data from apps and photos in order to make room for the downloaded movie.

Much to the disappointment of users, the trick was disabled following the release of iOS 10 back in September.

However, this new trick, which is arguably more useful as the old trick required buying a movie from iTunes, gives users a much easier and free way of adding some additional storage space.

There are of course a few other ways you can free up storage space on your iPhone. The most simple way is to head over to Settings > Storage > Optimise Storage.

Another way is to ensure that all your photos are saved directly to the cloud using Google Photos or iCloud rather than storing them locally on your iPhone.

Source: Lifehacker


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