This strange glitch in iOS will crash any iPhone – any there is nothing you can do about it


Owners are being warned of a strange glitch in iOS that will crash and restart any iPhone.

So far there is no known fix for the problem and while it doesn’t pose any real danger, Apple is yet to issue a patch.

First spotted by Italian Apple blog AmiciApple, the glitch causes the iPhone to hang for several seconds, becoming unresponsive and then restarting the device.

It affects a variety of different versions of iOS, including the most recent iOS 10.3.2.

Control Centre iOS 10

Control Centre iOS 10. Screengrab

Users can replicate the crash by swiping up from the bottom of their device to open the Control Centre. If you then try and tap on three of the menu options, say Airdrop, Night Shift and Flashlight, the phone will crash before restarting itself.

It is not known why the glitch occurs but is probably related to the iPhone’s inability to deal with requests from the three pressed buttons at the same time. It is also not known if Apple is working on a fix.

The only way to avoid the glitch at present is to deactivate the Control Centre, which can be turned off by going to Settings > Control Centre.

Thankfully the tricky combination needed to cause the annoying glitch makes it difficult to replicate.


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