This video of Pokemon GO narrated by David Attenborough is utterly brilliant


For Sir David Attenborough, tracking down rare and exotic creatures is all part of his day job.

The world famous naturalist and narrator for some of the most spectacular in wildlife television (at least for Brits) is renowned for his calm dulcet tones accompanying footage of lions in the Serengeti.

So while the rest of the world is seemingly working nearby streets hunting their own virtual creatures, some bright spark at Lovin’ Dublin had the idea to get Sir David Attenborough to narrate over a game of Pokemon Go.

And the result, we’re sure you’ll, agree is quite wonderful.

Sir David hasn’t officially lent his voice to the game but judging from the video, perhaps he should.

This isn’t the first time the voice of the famous scientist has been dubbed over footage that wasn’t for a wildlife documentary. Take a look at the video below of British people drunk in a nightclub.

While fans in Thailand can enjoy this video of Pokemon GO narrated by David Attenborough, people who actually want to play the game will have to wait until September before it is officially released.

The release of the game in Japan at the end of last week has left makers Niantic battling desperately to keep up with demand.



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