Thousands of Thai websites face the chop for “illegal activities and threats to national security”


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has said that 6,900 Thai websites will soon be blocked by a court order.

The move comes after the NBTC sent letters to all Thai internet service providers ordering them to close down the sites.

The sites are those deemed offensive to the royal institution, porn sites, football betting sites, social media pages and other illegal activities according to the Thai law.

The commission said it was not censorship but dealing with illegal activity.

The highest number of offending sites were porn related, the second highest to do with betting and the third highest “stability of the country” they said.

The last of these is normally used for matters deemed offensive to the royal institution.

The NBTC said that a letter had also been sent to Facebook for their cooperation in ensuring that some 600 illegal pages are closed down or made inaccessible from Thailand.

NBTC secretary-general Takorn Tantasith said he believed that Facebook would co-operate with the request as the social media giant has recently expanded its operation in Thailand, where the country is one of its biggest markets in terms of number users.


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