Throwback Thursday: the Sony Ericsson P910


In another Throwback Thursday, we take a quick look at one of the hottest gadgets of yesteryear, and reminisce how times have changed (not necessarily for the better). This week, we’re looking back fondly at the Sony Ericsson P910 smartphone.

The mobile office powerhouse – Sony Ericsson P910

The Sony Ericsson P910 might seem like nothing special today, but the brick of a smartphone was definitely considered a cool device when it launched back in 2004. The successor to the equally popular P900, the P910 could do pretty much everything you’d need and also had an incredibly battery life. A sort of cross between a PDA and a phone, the 910 wasn’t cheap (it cost more than $700 in the USA) but was packed so full of features that it really didn’t matter.

Sony Ericsson P910

The Sony Ericsson P910 was certainly of the very best phones for road-warriors. Aside from the great display, the most notable feature was the flip-down QWERTY keyboard – when the flip was raised up, the back of it could be used as a standard numerical keypad. The P910 also ran Symbian OS (which was exceptionally easy to use, after you’d grown accustomed to it) with lots of memory and a Memory Stick Duo slot.

The 910 was basically the complete mobile office – a compact and stylish phone and camera, and an impressive business tool with a keyboard and huge touchscreen for optimal productivity. They don’t make them quite like this anymore…

Sony Ericsson P900


In the day and age of touchscreen phones with incredible resolutions and amazing features, if you used a Sony Ericsson P910 today, you might feel rather underwhelmed, but for its time, it was a superb device that really put Sony Ericsson mobiles on the map.

Have you ever owned the P910 or the previous model, the P900? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Also had the P800 before it which wasnt quite as stylish !! The 910 was amazing, I had it linked to a GPS unit and ran navigation software. It had a big range of ‘apps’ and I used it as a serious business tool. As you also pointed out, the battery life was brilliant. At that time, there was nothing better in my opinion. Mine also came free on a 45quid a month contract 🙂

  2. I have the P910i. I bought it in 2005 and it was in daily use until my first smart phone in 2011. The battery has never been replaced and DESPITE that, it still lasts 4 days on a charge even now.
    (I use it as my backup phone when on the road). It’s been dropped several times, (even in the rain) and aside from looking a bit beaten up on the outside it still functions perfectly.

  3. All of those photographs show a P900, not a P910, very similar in design, but with subtle differences. (Also, note how the date on the P900 displayed in first image is 21/06/2003…)

    Still using a P900 myself, brilliant phone, and I’ve got no plans to change it any time soon!