Tinbox App Offers a Creative Way for People to Donate to Charity


Tinbox takes a creative approach to allow users to donate to charity. The app, founded in Paris last year, lets users donate money daily, just €1, for free. This is done through the app’s sponsorships. What happens is that brands will pay to increase their image. So far, the company has brought on a few companies that want to support local charities.

The idea is that users will be able to see the brand’s image when they use the app to donate. Since few people learn about company donations and charitable endeavors, it makes sense to allow brands to increase their image while helping the community, states David Linderman, co-founder of Tinbox.

Tinbox is in competition with donation websites that use a similar approach. Many of these sites donate money based on ad views, but users are never sure how much money is being donated.

This works in an intuitive way. Users will be notified daily to sponsor a cause. When the user opens the app, they will see a picture for different causes that they can sponsor. Once the image is clicked, the user will be able to select what the money is used for. For example, money may be given to a child for food, or the money may be given for school supplies – it’s up to the user.

Once chosen, a sponsoring company will donate the money and their logo and message will be seen on the screen.