Tinder not working? This is why and it’s all because of Facebook!


Users of the popular dating app Tinder have been having issues with the app since Facebook rolled out a number of changes after the recent Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

Some users have been stuck in a perpetual loop with Facebook permissions, while others have seen the matches disappear.

Facebook reacted quickly to the scandal which saw the personal information of some 87 million Facebook users shared with a UK data mining company. However, these new changes have had some negative side effects for the dating app.

Tinder users reported the login issues earlier this week. Tinder users must have a valid Facebook account to be able to use the app, it is possible the bug could have affected the entire user base data.
Some users along with losing matches also reported that message history was also missing as well.

Tinder users search through a list of dating profiles and swipe left to reject or right to show interest in someone. When two users have both swiped right on each other’s profiles Tinder then matches them up and allows them to chat with instant messages within the app.

The bug does not seem to affect the online version of the app so users can continue their flirting there while the mobile app is fixed.

The root of the issue appears to have been triggered when Facebook removed the ability to search for people using an email address or mobile phone number.

Tinder has since said sorry for the inconvenience caused to their users, the company tweeted, “A technical issue is preventing users from logging into Tinder.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to have everyone swiping again soon.”

Facebook made a statement on the technology blog The Verge, “This was part of the changes that we announced today, and we are working with Tinder to address this issue.”

Nice to know they care so much….


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