Samsung steps further away from Android with new Tizen smartphones


Samsung is to launch more Tizen-based smartphones in global markets this year, including the US, China, Korea, Russia, India, Malaysia and parts of Europe, according to a report in BusinessKorea.

New Tizen models to launch globally

The new smartphones from Samsung include the Z2, which has 1 GB of RAM, a 32-bit quad-core CPU, and a 960 x 540 screen, plus the new Tizen 3.0 UI.

The Z1 was previously released in a few countries in February, such as India and Bangladesh, and is a low-cost phone with a four inch display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU and 786 MB of RAM. That phone was priced at less than $100, and was purchased by more than 100,000 consumers in its first month on the market.

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Tizen OS

But the new Tizen-based smartphones are likely to be higher end models, and are scheduled to be available during the second half of 2015. They devices should include a 4.8-inch super AMOLED display, 2 GB of RAM, and an 8 megapixel rear camera, according to sources.

“Samsung Electronics is aiming to dominate the Internet of Things (IoT) platform market ahead of others by means of Tizen and its plan to release Tizen phones in more countries appears to be part of its efforts for Tizen ecosystem establishment, as with the incorporation of the operating system into various types of consumer electronics,” said an industry expert.

Samsung is currently trying to increase penetration of Tizen, which is currently used in a handful of mobile devices and some televisions. The company relies on Google’s Android operating system, but it’s very challenging to differentiate its phones based on Android, as every manufacturer can pretty much offer a phone with the same software features. However, Tizen, which is still an immature operating system, could eventually help Samsung reduce its dependence on Google and build up a growing library of compelling apps and cloud-based services.

For reference, here’s Tizen’s lineage:

Samsung - Tizen Mobile OS

Tizen is the descendant of several earlier mobile operating systems, such as Nokia’s MeeGo.

SOURCE: BusinessKorea


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