Samsung’s Tizen Z1 is the best-selling smartphone in Bangladesh


Tech giant Samsung has managed to top the sales charts in Q1 2015 in Bangladesh with its Tizen Z1 smartphone, according to research data that came out on Monday.

A report released by Counterpoint showed that the Z1, which runs Samsung’s own Tizen mobile OS rather than Android, enjoyed strong sales between January and March, and was the number one smartphone in the whole country, something of a surprise as it was on the home turf of Symphony Mobile, a big player in the country.

Tizen Z1 sells half a million in Bangladesh

Symphony Mobile had a 36.6% market share in mobile phones and a 38% of smartphone shipments in Bangladesh in the first quarter of the year. But Samsung came in second with 7.2% in mobile phones, and 23.4% in smartphones, followed by a company called Walton and then Microsoft, with 9.5% and 5.4% each.

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Samsung has of course been working hard on rolling out more phones with its Tizen operating system, which was developed with companies like Intel and NTT DoCoMo (Japan), to counter the threat of Android and iOS in the global smartphone market.

Tizen OS

After the launch of the Tizen Z1 in Indian in January, the phone was released in Bangldesh in February. Samsung has since managed to ship 500,000 units of the phone as of May and sold 20,000 units in the first week of launch.

The South Korean giant has also been preparing the global launch of the Tizen Z1, and created the Tizen Store, an application market for use in 182 countries. But for now, the Tizen handset is only available in India and Bangladesh.

Market analysts have said that the global launch of the Tizen Store indicates that Samsung will soon launch more Tizen phones across the world. Hopefully, Thailand will be one of those, as it would be great to see a greater variety of phones rather than the hundreds that we have here running Android.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the curved S6 Edge, have managed to pass the 10 million units sold mark, since their release on April 10th.

SOURCE: Korea Herald.


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