Tone Analyzer will help you stop making nasty forum posts or sending rude emails and SMS


At some point or another we’ve all sent a message or posted something online we have regretted.

It could have been that SMS you sent to a friend which once you had read it back sounded rather blunt or even a little rude. Perhaps you went a step too far in a forum post or maybe a comment you posted on social media was interpreted.

Now there is a new online tool that will stop you sending messages or posting something which you later might regret.

The website is called Tone Analyzer and it works by analysing your emails, texts, SMS, Whatsapp messages and any other text you want it to check.

It uses linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotions in text. It will then give your text rating based on five emotions including: anger, fear, joy, disgust and sadness. Ratings are given between 0 and 1.00, with 0 being lowest and 1.00 highest.

Text Analyzer will also analyse the tone of your text letting you know if it is more analytical, confident or tentative.

Tone Analyzer

You can also see which parts of your text are showing which emotion and how strongly the emotion is being shown, meaning that you know which parts of the text you should change before sending it.

All you need to do is type copy or type your text into Tone Analyzer, select the ‘your own text’ option and click on ‘Analyze’.

Be warned though, it isn’t always totally accurate.

We tested it with a few different phrases such as “sorry I am not available”, which is high on sadness, although that turned to anger with the inclusion of an exclamation mark.

Whereas, “GO AWAY. LEAVE ME ALONE” rated high for anger, fear and sadness and scored a 1.00 on the emotional range.

We’re yet to try it out on some epic forum rants or comments on news stories.

Anyway, give it a try. It’s kind of fun to play around with and it may help you to come across as sounding less irritated or help reduce miscommunication in your emails or SMS.


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