Here are the top 10 most popular searches on Google in 2014


From Malaysia Airlines to ISIS and Ebola to Flappy Bird, Google has released its list of what you searched for most this year.

Google’s Year in Search offers a really interesting look into what people throughout the world search for online.

The story of the death of popular actor Robin Williams was searched more times than anything else in 2014.

Unsurprisingly, having already topped the Facebook’s list of most talked about topics in 2014, the FIFA World Cup was second in this year’s list, followed by Ebola and Malaysia Airlines.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Conchita Wurst and the popular movie Frozen also made the top ten,

When it comes to consumer electronics the most popular searches were for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

In global news, in addition to Ebola, ISIS and Malaysia Airlines, some of the other most searched for events this year include the conflicts in Crimea and Gaza, the recent protests in Ferguson, the Scottish Referendum and the Oscar Pistorious trial.

Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, James Rodriguez, Michael Schumacher and Luis Suarez were among some of the most searched for celebrities and athletes.

As for YouTube, Mutant Giant Spider proved to be the most popular  followed by a video by Nike Football which features Ronaldo, Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney.

Previously known as Google Zeitgeist, A Year in Search 2014, also gives a breakdown on some of the most popular searches in each country. There is an absolute mass of data to look at and most of the top global searches, also featured in the top ten lists by country too.

However, the data does reveal some interesting stats on some of the other most popular Google searches. For example, according to Google, ‘How to kiss’ was the most popular ‘How to…’ search in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the most searched for beer was Budweiser, with ‘how many calories in a banana’, and ‘why do dogs eat grass?’ also proving popular.

Down under, the most searched for Aussie was Schapelle Corby, with Australians also frequently asking Google ‘who is Jesus’.

Take a look at Google’s a Year in Search for yourself, there’s lots to go at and it makes for pretty interesting reading, if you like that kind of thing.

 10 most popular searches on Google in 2014