Top 5 Fitness Apps for Android


Besides eating well, there isn’t much that you can do for your body than getting it in the shape that you want and working out. By working out, it lowers all of the bad things such as your cholesterol and blood pressure. By having apps installed on your device, it can help you get to the right shape and size that you want to be.

Here we have Thai Tech’s top 5 fitness apps for Android.

1. Nike+ Running

The Nike+ Running App now helps you track your runs and reach your goals. If its either running your first race, or by setting a new personal record. If you’re a first-time runner or a marathon veteran, you will get the motivation and measurement you need to run faster and further than ever before. This is one of the worlds greatest running community.

You will be able to track your progress no matter where you are. With your phones GPS and accelerometer you will be able to get the most accurate tracking of your distance, pace and time. There is also an in-run audio feedback which measures your progress every mile. You can stay motivated by sharing your run with friends and show off your Nike+ level colour and boost things up with a PowerSong at the press of a button.

If want to challenge yourself with your first 5K or knockout your marathon personal record, Nike+ Coach gives you a training program to follow, expert coaching hints and tips and daily workout to get you ready.

2. Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer

Sworkit has been created so that you don’t have to feel guilty about skipping the gym. These are for the the busy times in life when you just can’t make it to the gym. For example; long days at work, travelling, morning sleep in, or your beautiful newborn baby. Sworkit is your own personal pocket trainer for fractions of the cost. You will be able to get guided video workouts, and do it anywhere to fit any schedule.

The app uses scientifically proven techniques, where they combine interval training with random exercises to maximize the effectiveness of every workout. The good thing about this is that these random circuit trainings do not require any weights or extra equipment. You can choose your workout length and target different areas to create your own perfect workout anytime, anywhere.

3. Workout Trainer

With the new Workout Trainer app you can get in the best shape of your life with thousands of free workouts and premium workout programs that can help you achieve your goals. Your certified personal trainers guide you through these exercises with times, step-by-step audio, photos and video instructions that come complete with encouragement. If you doing body-weight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, Workout Trainer is the ultimate fitness companion.

You can choose your area of focus and use this to get yourself a six pack, lose weight, improve your running, practice yoga and much more. This app is ideal for people who want to get into their shape without having to use any exercise equipment.

All of your progress is tracked with Workout Trainers applications and is synchronized with the website so that you are able to track your progress online, and connect with the active community of millions that have made this app a top free Android app.

4. Daily Yoga – Fitness On-The-Go

Daily Yoga is one of the best apps on the Google Play Store which guards your health everyday with your own yoga studio on the go! This app is the worlds most popular yoga coaching app that is suitable for all levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced. It provides you with more than 50 HD videos from one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of over 400 different yoga moves, live voice tutorials and soothing music. There is also a social community to get involved with.

This fitness app also facilitates the most convenient home exercises, not only by nourishing your health but also by sparing you all the tiresome workout and helping you achieve fitness goals with the yoga studio on the go. They provide you with trustworthy content that has been originally designed by their certified yoga professionals that have had 10 years worth of experience.

More features that are included within the app is that new content gets added every month so you will not be repeating the same exercises. You can play classes anytime or anywhere and no internet is needed after downloading these classes. This app is also compatible with all Android phones and tablets.

5. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

Johnson & Johnson have created this new 7 Minute Workout which is a scientifically personalised fitness experience for everyone. From the creators of the viral fitness hit 7-Minute Workout and the fitness experts from Johnson & Johnson have made this fast and simple body-weight workout that has been featured in the New York Times, on Good Morning America and in countless other media outlets.

This app contains the now-famous 7-minute fitness routine that requires nothing more than a wall, chair and a bit of floor space. Its a perfect home workout or fitness on the go!

The Official 7-Minute Workout App features the official 7 minute workout, which has been designed for all fitness levels; from beginners to athletes. Over 30 minutes of video shots that are specifically for the app, as it features Chris Jordan, who is the creator of the 7 Minute Workout.




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