Trash Dove: How a purple bird took over Facebook Thailand


If you have used Facebook at any point over the past week, chances are you have come across this head banging purple bird.

If you haven’t, the bird is called Trash Dove and features in a series of stickers that have been shared and posted in comments by Facebook users in Thailand.

But what’s the story behind Trash Dove and why have people suddenly started sharing it on Facebook?

The Trash Dove sticker was actually created by Florida based artist Syd Weiler in September 2016 and has been available as a Facebook sticker since January.

However, it has only been over the past week or so that the dove gained popularity after appearing in a dance off video with a cat that was posted on a popular Thai Facebook page.

Within a week Trash Dove had gone viral, racking up 4 million views and just as many fans.

Ever since, it has been appearing all over social media, to the point where just as many people are fed up with Trash Dove, after other users started spamming comments just to be annoying.


People got so annoyed with it that there is even a petition on asking for it to be banned from Facebook!

But the real meaning behind Trash Dove and why it has proved so popular isn’t really known.

Even it’s creator said it didn’t have a specific meaning.

Writing on her Facebook page back in October Syd said: “In case you didn’t know, I made some fantastically dumb iOS stickers, you can spam your friends and family with them!”

After the video of Trash Dove went viral in Thailand, Syd posted a thank you message:

“Hello Thailand, thank you all so so much for your support. I’m really glad that you like the stickers.”

Anyway, you have been warned. Look out for Trash Dove taking over your Facebook sometime soon, that’s if it hasn’t already.

Trash Dove stickers

Trash Dove stickers


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