Travel hacks: 5 tech tips to help you find cheap flights online


If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of your next holiday or trip overseas, it turns out there are a few tricks that can help help you save money when booking flights online.

Here are some straight forward tech tips that will ensure you get the best price possible on airfares.

Use flight comparison sites

Google Flights

While it’s always tempting to book direct with an airline flight comparison sites will search a variety of other portals as well as looking on the websites of flight operators to get you the best deal.

Last week, Google took searching for flight deals to a whole new level following an update to its Google Flights comparison service.

The new update helps you find cheap flights by alerting you when a flight is about to increase or decrease in price. It also gives you tips on how much you should expect to pay for a particular flight.

Clear Cookies

Cookie Monster

Like most websites, airlines will almost certainly use cookies to track your visits to their websites.

Some users claim that airlines use cookies to look at how many times you have searched for a flight only to then bump up the price for a flight it thinks you may be interested in.

How to remove your cookies depends on which web browser you use but the option is normally found under ‘Settings’ and Clear Browsing Data.

Use incognito/safe browsing mode

Incognito mode

Incognito mode prevents the airline from tracking you when you visit their site.

It also means you don’t have to clear your cookies each time you visit an airline’s website and essentially gives you a blank slate from which to search for flights.

If your web browser doesn’t have an incognito mode, there will be a safe browsing option which does the same thing.

Use a VPN


Using a virtual private network (VPN) will enable you to hide and change the virtual location of your computer so that you can trick websites into thinking you are located elsewhere.

This is beneficial because many airlines demand different prices in different currencies for the same flight and also monitor prices depending on a customer’s location.

You normally have to pay for a VPN but there are some free services out there.

Last month Opera announced the latest version of its web browser comes with a built in free of charge VPN service. Opera also offers the same VPN service on Android.

Book using your smartphone or tablet

smarpthone shopping

Recent research found that e-commerce sites on average offer cheaper prices to people browsing from a smartphone or tablet rather than from a desktop or laptop.

According to the Washington Post, price discrimination on e-commerce sites is becoming more prevalent and in order to make sure you get the best deals online you should use incognito mode, a private web browser and search using your smartphone or tablet.



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