Travelers Box: A smart way to use leftover foreign currency


Return from a trip overseas and it’s likely you’ll have a pocket full of leftover loose change.

Whilst foreign exchange desks and banks will normally be happy to buy back foreign bills above a certain value, what do you with the rest of your unused coins and notes?

Of course you can save them for your next trip but all that shrapnel can add up and sometimes it can bit much to take the loss on the chin just because the airport foreign currency counter won’t accept your leftover cash.

Travelers Box offers a really interesting solution to this very problem.

Travelers Box machine

Travelers Box, lets you get rid of your leftover foreign currency by depositing it directly into your PayPal account.

You can also use Travelers Box to make a donation to a number of different charities or to buy an an e-gift card for websites and online services including eBay, Groupon, Skype, GAP and the pizza chain Dominoes.

Currently Travelers Box is only available at a limited number of locations around the world, including at Manchester Airport in the UK, as well as at Istanbul and two other airports in Turkey, Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia and Milan Airport in Italy.

More locations are expected to be added throughout 2015 including in Singapore, China and India and we look forward to hopefully seeing Travelers Box at either Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang in the not too distant future.

How does Travelers Box work?

Let me know if you’ve used Travelers Box in the comments section below.

For more information, visit the Travelers Box website.


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  1. Chris Backe on

    Love the idea.
    In the US, coin-counting machines were everywhere. One would feed your coins in, and the machine would give you a receipt to take to the counter for cash, gift card, etc. They took a % as a fee, but it almost always ended up being easier and faster than doing it at a bank.