Travelers warned of Whatsapp scam promising free Emirates flights


With high season fast approaching travelers to Thailand are being warned about a new Whatsapp scam that promises free Emirates flights.

The scam offers the free tickets in return for them completing a survey.

Unsuspecting users have been receiving a Whatsapp message that contains a link to what at first sight appears to be the Emirates website.

Whatsapp scam emirates flights

However, once they tap on the link they are redirected to a hoax site that asks them to complete a survey.

The survey includes questions like “How often do you fly?”, “Have you ever travelled with Emirates” and “What are your main purposes of travel?”

Whatsapp scam emirates flights

Image: WeLiveSecurity

Once the survey has been completed, they are then told they have won two free tickets.

However, in order to win the tickets they need to share the survey with 10 other Whatsapp contacts.

Once completed, they are then redirected to another page which asks them to confirm their details and subscribe using their telephone number.

Whatsapp scam emirates flights

But the number in which to subscribe is a premium rate number that will rack up charges on their phone.

The scam ends by saying “Thank you for attending the survey. You did not win, try again better luck.”

The scam is reportedly targeting Whatsapp users in England, Spain, Germany and Portugal.

Source: WeLiveSecurity


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