Trivia Crack iPhone quiz game tops 130 million downloads


One of the most popular games on the Apple App Store has just reached an incredible 130 million downloads. The app, Trivia Crack, has more than 130 million active users, according to The Wall Street Journal, significantly up on last month’s 100 million figure. Impressive numbers for an app that seems to have come out of nowhere.

Trivia Crack dominates iPhone charts

The app has dominated the U.S. App Store, rising to the number one position and also managing to stay there for 66 consecutive days, shattering the previous 36-day record in 2012 of the hit game Draw Something.

Trivia Crack ranks number 17 on AppData’s top grossing apps list, and Maximo Cavazzani, the chief executive officer of the games studio that makes it says it’s very profitable mainly due to in-app purchases and also advertising.

Trivia Crack Screenshot

The app launched back in 2013, but didn’t really take off until a new feature was added called Question Factory that allows users to submit their own set of questions. Now, the app has become so popular that users submit around a million questions each day. However, each questions must get approved by 100 other users, so only around 1,500 are added each day – leading many users to grow frustrated.

“You put a lot of thought into the questions, because you love the game so much”, a player from Dallas told The Wall Street Journal, adding “if they don’t start updating it, it’s probably going to get too repetitive”.

Trivia Crack undoubtedly has impressive growth, shooting up the charts and staying there. But it’s not the first app of its kind that has grown crazily popular – QuizUp was the fastest growing game in the iPhone’s history, but has pretty much fizzled out now.

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