True Online will double broadband network


Good news for anyone that uses the Internet in Thailand, as True Online, the Internet arm of True Corporation, has announced a 15 billion baht investment to double its fibre-optic broadband service in order to meet increased demand.

True Online doubling fibre availability

True Online is Thailand’s largest broadband company, and the move is largely considered a pre-emptive strike on the mobile leader AIS, which plans to launch its fibre to the home broadband service next week.

“We intend our broadband network to cover 10 million households nationwide by 2016, up from 5 million currently”, said Manut Manavutiveth, chief commercial officer of True Online.

The expansion of the True’s network will reportedly take place this year and next year, according to the Bangkok Post.

Mr Manut says that True aims to acquire 300,000 new fixed-base broadband subscribers this year, bringing its total to 2.4 million by the end of 2015. True believes demand for broadband will take off from 2016, mainly due to the Asean Economic Community and the government’s digital economy policy.

“Fixed broadband service providers have a great opportunity to expand into the provincial market”, he added.

True Online Internet

But despite the increase in wireless broadband subscriptions, Mr Manut said fixed line (i.e. non mobile) broadband connections for households remained an important form of internet access. True said it has a 65% market share of the local fixed broadband service in Bangkok, and a 38% share of the provincial market.

“We aim for our market share to reach 70% in Bangkok and 45% in the provinces this year”, he said.

To help achieve this, True has just introduced a series of promotional bundled packages. The packages offer combined services for both fixed broadband and mobile connection, known in the industry as dual-play services.

Last year, True upgraded the minimum speed of its broadband service to 15 Mbps. True charges customers 599 baht a month for broadband connectivity of 15 Mbps. The fee for 200 Mbps is 9,999 baht a month.

However, despite the minimum speed service, whether customers can actually get that at their premises is debatable, as it depends on the proximity to the exchange, how many other users are online in the local area, and the quality of the cables and termination points at home.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post



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  2. Nayana Hettiarachchi on

    Doesn’t matter, True really needs to improve their customer service and operations. I had a really good DOCSIS service 50Mbit with them while living in Phuket, and when i moved to Bangkok they could simply not do the move over the phone. wasting countless hours of my time. Now in the end i had to settle for a 13Mbit ADSL2+ connection.

    However checking the DSL loop status i am very confident that my loop length is less than 1300M, which of course can be configured at a higher rate. But unfortunatly there is no one trained to work with customer requirements. This is a general problem in Thailand. True has a good infrastructure but if they are not willing to work with a customer and come up with a solution all the infrastructure isn’t really making the money they should be making. i was willing to drop what ever amount of money it takes to get a 30Mbit connection but haven’t gotten any positive response.

    My Condo has 2 POTS lines and i know i could do a but none of the customer service folks will understand this and it will not happen. Very sad situation.