TrueMove, DTAC or AIS? Thailand’s best mobile network revealed


A new report has revealed which of Thailand’s mobile operators offer the fastest 3G and 4G data speeds.

London based analytics company Open Signal has released its latest State of Mobile Networks report for Thailand.

The company says the report is based on data gathered from 1,104,675,335 datapoints collected from 117,309 users between Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2018.

The report ranks Thailand’s three main carriers AIS, Dtac and TrueMove, ranking them on which has the best 3G and 4G speeds, availability and latency.

According to the report, TrueMove can out on top, with the firm either winning out right or tieing all the national awards.

Image: OpenSignal

Open Signal testers found that they were able to access 4G on TrueMove an exceptional 94.7 percent of the time.

In second place was AIS with 89.22 percent availability, followed by DTAC with 84 percent.

As well as availability TrueMove was also found to be best when it came to overall speed for both its 3G and 4G networks.

TrueMove was found to have an average download speed of 9.68Mbps, considerably faster than its two rivals.

Testers found that AIS had an overall download speed of 6.97Mbps and DTAC managed just 5.9Mbps.

However, all three operators were still behind the global mobile average of 16.9Mbps.

In terms of latency, TrueMove was also found to have the shortest over its network with just 33.89ms, followed by DTAC at 38.75ms and AIS at 40.17ms.

“But the good news is speeds are improving. Our results show both AIS and TrueMove increased their 4G speed slightly over the last six months, though TrueMove took our 4G speed award with an average LTE download of 11.6 Mbps, Open Signal said.

“In addition, tested overall speeds improved for all three operators as 4G availability increased”.

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