Twitter could be about to add the feature we’ve all been waiting for


It appears that Twitter may be adding a new feature that will allow users to edit their tweets after posting.

The company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, revealed that the idea is just one of many that Twitter is considering is response to requests from users. Whilst Dorsey admitted that an edit button is needed, he would need to establish how exactly it would be implemented before making any changes.

The suggestion came after Mr. Dorsey sent out a tweet asking users what they would like to see added to the site in 2017. As you can imagine, a range of responses soon followed.

“Is it more important to edit for spelling/corrections? 5 minute window to edit mistakes or do you need to be able to edit anytime?” he asked users who suggested button.

“We’re thinking a lot about it,” he added, writing that he too had needed to delete and re-post tweets a number of times because of mistakes he has made.

Other suggestions included the facility to be able to bookmark tweets and better safety options from abuse including having bullies removed from the site.

Twitter played an important role in the US election but has struggled to keep active users as well as make money.

It has also suffered from criticism for not addressing issues and problems and this has been attributed to the company’s falling share price.

The site has been accused of only making cosmetic changes whilst at the same time ignoring what users want and failing to acknowledge that abuse and bullying is a major problem.

An edit button has long been one of the site’s most requested features. People doing so have included Kim Kardashian, who has sent a number of tweets requesting the feature and once said she had personally emailed Twitter asking for it to be implemented.

Via: Breitbart


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