Twitter Launches Retweet with Comment Feature


Last summer, Twitter began testing a new feature – “retweet with comment”. Today, the social network has officially launched the feature on the iPhone and its website. Twitter also has plans to launch the feature on Android devices in the near future.

What “retweet with comment” does is allow a user to embed a tweet within their own tweets. When adding your own comment, you’re able to get around Twitter’s 140 character limit. You won’t be able to comment on a string of tweets or retweet your own quote tweets, but you no longer have to cut your message short just to share and comment on someone else’s tweet.

Technically, this new feature isn’t new. Before its launch, users could embed quoted tweets just by copying and pasting its URL. But “retweet with comment” makes it easier to do this. All you have to do is press a button.

Twitter’s new feature isn’t without its flaws though; you won’t be able to embed the entire retweet and comment. But it does let you share and comment on tweets without having to shorten your message. This means users no longer have to resort to taking screenshots of text or using other tricks to hack Twitter’s character limit.


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