Twitter Rolls Out New Quality Filter to iOS Users


Not too long ago, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitted that the company “sucks” at dealing with trolls and abuse in an internal memo. In an attempt to change that, Twitter is starting to roll out a new quality filter to verified iOS users. The new filter will allow verified users to block problematic or inappropriate tweets from their notifications.

Twitter’s Quality Filter isn’t exactly a new concept. Verified users already have the option of customizing their notifications timeline based on a number of factors, including how often they interact with certain users. The Quality Filter essentially extends this functionality to all of the user’s notifications.

For now, the new filter is only available to verified users on the iOS platform. Non-verified users will have to settle for Twitter’s new anti-harassment tools for the time being. These tools make it easier for users to report abuse to local law enforcement and quicker to report different types of harassment. In addition, Twitter will also start tracking phone numbers in an attempt to prevent serial trolls from creating new accounts.

Until recently, Twitter has taken a reactive stance rather than a proactive one when it comes to cyber bullying. Several high profile incidents, including the harassment of Robin William’s daughter and Ashley Judd’s decision to actually press charges against cyber bullies, has brought the issue into the spotlight and forced Twitter to implement serious policy changes.


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