Twitter Takes Stance to Stop Abuse


Threats and abuse on Twitter are a growing problem. Even when Twitter bans an account, users seemingly sign back up under a different email address and continue their abusive behavior. Twitter has now made changes to its policy and product to curb violent threats and abuse on its platform.

Everything from hate groups to propaganda to harassment is spreading quickly across social media. Celebrities are also a target for abuse and have had death threats and violent hate messages directed at them on Twitter and other social media accounts.

In February, an internal memo leaked to the public stated that Twitter “sucks” at dealing with trolls and abuse. The author of the memo was Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter. This led to Twitter making internal changes to better help the company stop the abuse that has been ongoing for years.

Twitter’s announcement today shows that the company has tweaked its algorithm to detect abusive tweets and ultimately limit their reach through filtering.

Twitter is also updating its violent threat policy, which will now take action against the promotion of violence against others. The company is also giving its abuse team the power to lock accounts for a specific period of time to slow abusive accounts and actions.


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