Twitter to exclude links and photos from its 140 character limit


Twitter looks set to stop counting links and photographs in its 140 character limits for Tweets.

What would be a major shift in how the micro blogging sites counts characters in posts from its users, Bloomberg reports that the new changes could be live on the site within the next two weeks.

Currently when a user includes a link or photo in a Tweet, URLs and images are shortened to a link which contains 21 characters.

Twitter has said previously that Tweets which include a link or photo are more likely to be shared, or ‘retweeted’.

Cutting links or images from the 140 character limit may encourage users to share more images, which in turn would lead to more content being shared on Twitter.

The 140 character limit has been in place since Twitter launched in 2006.

However, more recently Twitter execs have considered allowing Tweets to be longer. Proposed new character limits of 1,325 to 10,000 were reported at the beginning of this year.

Any change to Twitter’s 140 character limit comes as the platform battles to attract new users and to halt falling share prices, which have declined by almost 70 percent in the past twelve months.

Twitter has recently invested heavily in live video streaming through its streaming app Periscope.

In April announced it had paid $10 million to secure the rights to livestream Thursday night games from the National Football League.

However, it continues to face increasing competition from Facebook, which has also launched its own live video streaming capabilities, as well as from other social media apps such as Snapchat and newcomer Beme.



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