Twitter founder says company has too much data and information


A lot of people use Twitter to see what their friends are doing, and it’s become one of the most popular social media sites on the web. But even the company’s co-founder admits he is overwhelmed by the product and the vast amount of information has taken the company away from the original idea.

Twitter’s avalanche of Tweets, just too much

Evan Williams, who is now CEO of Medium, says that he has been arguing for Twitter to move away from the avalanche of Tweets that can overwhelm its users.

“If you think of Twitter today versus when we started, it’s clear that there is too much data and too much information, and we should help people”, Williams said at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design conference. “The goal has never been to show people in reverse chronological order, it’s been to tell people what’s happening”.

He said however that is hard for a company of Twitter’s size.

“I’m a huge proponent of the idea of playing with the pure reverse-chron list”, Williams said. “I’m glad we’re making progress on that”.

Twitter MuteThe current CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo mentioned two efforts that Twitter has been making to curate its content, on the company’s earnings call. Costolo specifically called out its new “While You Were Away” feature, which chooses Tweets that you may have missed and highlights them at the top of your page. He also mentioned the new “logged out” page that allows non-Twitter users to select categories like Tech News and then see tweets from a specially curated list.

“As we iterate on the logged out experience and curate topics, events and moments that unfold on the platform, you should absolutely expect us to deliver those experiences across the total audience, and that includes logged in users and users in syndication”, Costolo said on the call.

Do you use Twitter? Are you annoyed by the constant interruptions of all those notifications? As someone with a Twitter account, I have to admit that I turned off notifications and rarely log in, purely because it’s just too distracting all day long. Are you one of those users like me, or are you on Twitter all day long? Let us know in the comments below…


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  1. Hi Larry, as you asked for it.
    Yes , I am on twitter. But I never get an announcement, luckily, don’t know how, but lets keep it this way.
    I am logging in mostly once a day, or when something special happens, e.g. earthqucake, Motogp training , finish of volvooceanrace etc. or sometimes to follow a special event. Twitter beats every Newsagency when it comes to actual information!
    When logging in, I scroll some screens down and pick out some interesting tweets, and read more in details; I might miss also some messages if I don’t scroll down far enough.
    I keep a blog on my virtual sailing performance and inform other sailors of a new post.
    that’s about all I do with twitter