Twitter’s new bookmarks feature lets you save tweets so you can read them later


Twitter has become a cavalcade of information on a plethora of subjects, however, when it comes to finding a story, photo or video you glanced at earlier the task is nigh on impossible, until now.

The lovely people at Twitter towers have added a new bookmark feature aptly named ‘Bookmarks’. The feature as you may have already guessed allows users to save tweets they want to read later without having to like the tweet.

Twitter Product Manager, Jesar Shah announced the update in a recent blog saying, “Today’s update makes sharing better, too.

“With our new ‘share’ icon on every Tweet, you’ll be able to bookmark a Tweet, share via Direct Message, or share off of Twitter any number of ways.”

The process is quite simple, tap the share icon under the tweet that takes your fancy and choose the option ‘Add Tweet to Bookmarks’. When you want to go back and view the tweet simply tap ‘Bookmarks’ in your profile icon menu.

The new feature will be rolled out worldwide on Twitter for Android, iOS, and Twitter Lite.


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